Sell Old iPhone safely:Selling an Old iPhone

If you are consider your apple products technology, you will want to sell old iPhone every now and then to upgrade to the latest versions. Smartphone technology keeps changing and Apple is never left behind in upgrading its technology. Most Apple fans want to stay in the bandwagon when it comes to upgrading to the latest models. However, you can only upgrade if you let go of your old iPhone and purchase a new one. Ensure that you tell prospective buyers the truth about the iPhone. This will ensure that customers do not complain about the iPhone. Use our service to sell old iPhone to get the right buyers with ease.

Apart from upgrading, your old iPhone might be damaged or you may no longer need it. Regardless of the reason, there are things that you should do before selling the old iPhone to ensure that You can get a better deal on your iPhone and save money if you use our iPhone sale service. 

Backup all your personal data

Since you will erase the personal data in the iPhone before passing it to a new owner, you should backup the data in it. To backup data through iCloud, ensure that your device is connected to Wi-Fi then open Settings app. Navigate to iCloud then storage and Backup. Tap the “Backup now” button. You can also backup iTunes data as well. To do this, connect the iPhone that you want to sell to a computer with iTunes program. Open iTunes then select the iPhone in the device list. Right click on the device and tap the “Backup” button.

Wipe personal data from the iPhone

Since you have a backup, you can now erase personal data from the iPhone before you sell it. Such data includes files, apps, contacts, folders, and any other information that you have stored in the iPhone. Simply go to Settings app, then General section. At the bottom, you will find a Reset button. Click on the reset button then Erase all content and the Settings button. This will erase all personal stuff that includes files, music, folders, apps, contacts, and media among others.

Jailbreak or deactivate or unlink the iPhone

It is also important that you unlock or jailbreak the iPhone before you sell it. There are many tools that you can use to do that. Alternatively, contact your current mobile carrier and request them to unlock your iPhone. It is also important that you unlink the iPhone from applications like Dropbox. There are carriers that will include a complicated method when it comes to deactivating the number of your iPhone. In most cases, you have to contact the service provider so that they can deactivate the iPhone. Others will require you to simply remove the SIM card.

Complete packaging

Most prospective buyers will be quick to purchase a used iPhone if it has the sncing cable and charger that it came with while new. If the iPhone comes with a clean, original box, it will also appeal to most buyers. Therefore, look for these items and include them in the iPhone. Also use a dry and soft cloth to clean the iPhone screen.

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